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Training and Testing


For many years we have provided interpreter training programs in Vancouver BC for clients. Much of the training has been basic interpreting skills and ethics for health authorities, immigrant assistance agencies, or court services. We have also provided more advanced courses to address specific client needs.

We have conducted evaluations of several hundred practicing interpreters, identified their problem areas, and created training courses to bring their employers (our clients) into compliance with Federal regulations.

We conduct “Master Classes” for our own associates from time to time. These are focused on specific facets of legal or judicial interpreting and translating. Sometimes these classes are available, for a fee, to outside professionals, especially those in need of professional development credits from their respective governing societies.

We also conduct “muffin break seminars” for our clients. That is to say, lectures of twenty to thirty minutes on various aspects of how to work with interpreters or translators.


For some years we have designed, produced and delivered interpreting examinations – for community services, health care, and court – for clients in Alaska, British Columbia and elsewhere.

One of our clients on various projects was the Court Interpreting Certificate Program of Vancouver Community College (VCC). To some extent, all of this grew out of the fact that several of our Senior Associates and two of our Partners were Instructors in that Certificate Program.


For the past thirty-ish years, we have designed and delivered interpreter training for many clients – both jointly with VCC and separately.

These are based on workshops that we have delivered to other clients over the years with adjustments to fit what this particular group needs.

The workshops are designed to dovetail into complete interpreter training programs in Vancouver bc for the training and preparation of Certified Court Interpreters.

To view the current course offerings of our sister company, the Vancouver School of Interpreting and Translation, go to