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Our Languages

Although we track performers in over a hundred languages we don’t work in all of them all the time. Each year we deliver Certified Language Translation Services in Vancouver bc in about thirty languages. Over the past twenty years, we have worked in 88 different languages. The Table of Languages on the next page shows the languages that we can easily supply and the specific skill sets and certifications available in each.

The Table covers over 99% of the work we do. If the language you require is not listed anywhere below, we can usually find a non-certified person for the job. We make a game of finding people for new languages. The score in the game has been 88 to 2 in our favor so far.

Certified – Accredited

Our “resource book” contains approximately 99% of the interpreters certified or accredited or accreditable for court work in BC. The table below indicates approximately 100% of the languages for which there are certified and/or accredited Court Interpreters in Canada. Anyone claiming to be certified in any other language has either obtained such certification within the past few weeks or misunderstands the legal standing of the term “Certified.”

Interpreters Accredited for Court in BC

We call on several hundred interpreters qualified for court work in BC in about twenty-five different languages. Many, but not all, have been certified by the national examination in Canada. Our experience is that the Canadian exam process is a little different from the US Federal exam but the end result is the same – excellent interpreters upon whom Court and Counsel can rely.

Court Experienced Interpreters

We have experienced interpreters in many more languages. Nearly all have been examined by Canada Immigration and have experience in that field. Most have also worked in examinations for discovery (depositions) and/or in court on a non-accredited basis.

Conference Interpreters

Simultaneous interpreting is the ultimate challenge in this profession. It calls for great proficiency, concentration, and mental agility. Conference interpreters always work in pairs or trios. We provide teams that perform to a high international standard in the indicated languages.

Certified Translators

We have certified translators in about thirty languages. We have found their translations to be accepted by courts and government agencies across Canada and in the United States. They have been certified through a national examination process for written material, not oral.

Experienced Translators

We have non-certified translators with experience in many more languages. We have found their work to be generally accepted by courts and both American and Canadian immigration departments. Again, our list show you close to the absolute limits of the universe of Certified Translators in BC and Canada.