Table of Interpreters and Translators

* Including formerly accredited and eligible for accreditation.
** Certified by the Society of Translators and Interpreters of BC.

Language or Country Dialect or Language Code Interpreters Translators
Court* Accredited Court Experienced Conference Certified** Experienced
Afrikaans   AF         Yes
Albanian   AL   Yes      
Amharic   AM Yes        
Arabic   AR Yes     Yes  
Armenian   AM   Yes      
Bengali   BG   Yes     Yes
Bulgarian   BL   Yes     Yes
Burmese   BR   Yes      
Cambodian   CA   Yes      
China Chinese CH       Yes  
China Cantonese CC Yes   Yes    
China Mandarin CM Yes   Yes    
China Fukienese CF   Yes      
China Swactow CS   Yes      
China Toishin CT   Yes      
Czech   CZ Yes     Yes  
Danish   DA   Yes     Yes
Dari   DR   Yes     Yes
Dutch   DU Yes     Yes  
Edo   ED   Yes      
Fanti   FT   Yes      
Farsi   FA Yes     Yes  
Finnish   FN       Yes  
Flemish   FL         Yes
French   FR Yes   Yes Yes  
German   GE Yes   Yes Yes  
Greek   GR Yes        
Gujurati   GU   Yes   Yes  
Harari   HA   Yes      
Hewbrew   HE         Yes
Hindi India HN Yes     Yes  
Hindi Fiji HN   Yes     Yes
Hmong   HM   Yes      
Hungarian   HU       Yes  
Ibo   IB   Yes      
Indonesian   IN   Yes   Yes  
Italian   IT   Yes Yes Yes  
Japanese   JA Yes   Yes Yes  
Korean   KR Yes   Yes Yes  
Kurdish   KU   Yes     Yes
Laotian   LN   Yes      
Lingala   LG   Yes      
Malay   ML   Yes   Yes  
Marathi   MR   Yes      
Mien   MN   Yes      
Mongolian   MG       Yes  
Nepali   NP   Yes      
Norwegian   NO   Yes     Yes
Oromo   OR   Yes      
Pashto   PA   Yes     Yes
Philippines Pilipino PP   Yes     Yes
Philippines Tagalog PT   Yes     Yes
Philippines Cebuano PC   Yes      
Philippines Ilocano PN   Yes      
Philippines Visayan PV   Yes      
Polish   PL Yes     Yes  
Portuguese European PE Yes     Yes  
Portuguese Brazilian PB Yes   Yes Yes  
Punjabi   PU Yes     Yes  
Romanian   RM   Yes   Yes  
Russian   RU Yes     Yes  
Rwanda   RW   Yes     Yes
Samoan   SA   Yes      
Serbo-Croatian   SC Yes     Yes  
Serbo-Croatian Serbian SB Yes     Yes  
Serbo-Croatian Croatian SR Yes     Yes  
Serbo-Croatian Bosnian SB   Yes      
Sign Language   AS Yes        
Sinhalese   SH   Yes      
Slovak   SK Yes     Yes  
Somali   SM   Yes      
Spanish   SP Yes   Yes Yes  
Swahili   SL   Yes      
Swedish   SW   Yes     Yes
Tamil   TM         Yes
Thai   TH   Yes     Yes
Tigrina   TG   Yes      
Turkish   TU   Yes     Yes
Twi   TW   Yes      
Ukrainian   UK   Yes   Yes  
Urdu   UR   Yes   Yes  
Vietnamese   VY Yes     Yes  
Yup’ik   YP   Yes