If your delegates can’t understand – have you wasted their time and money?

Everyone attending an “international” conference probably speaks some English – but many of them are not really proficient enough to pick up the details or nuances of the presentations. For that they need to listen in their own language.

The Language Bureau provides conference interpreters for many international events in Vancouver and British Columbia every year – from large conferences in medical, technical and professional fields; training seminars in remote locations; international arbitration requiring capability in both legal and conference interpreting; small conferences for business and government; right down to individual interpreters for individual delegates attending major events.

Conference interpreting presents the ultimate challenge in the interpreting profession. The work calls for great proficiency, concentration and mental agility. Conference interpreters always work in pairs or trios. We can provide Vancouver-based teams that perform to a high international standard in a dozen languages including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and Cantonese.

In addition to a strong base of interpreters in Vancouver, we draw on conference interpreters from all over North America. For a list of languages that we can provide from Vancouver please see the Table of Interpreters under Our Languages. For small conferences, we provide individuals in many other languages who have had considerable experience with both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in court.

We also provide pre-conference translation, on-site conference translation and a certain amount of interpreter’s equipment for small conferences.